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personal Sketch Request

Please fill out the form below. All work created is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and cannot be reproduced without my permission. Keep in mind a 50% deposit is required before starting any work.


Sketch Types

  • Portrait - $30-60

  • Half Body - $65-120

  • Full Body - $125-300

  • Extras - (Background, props, other items and details) $10

  • Sizes - 8.5x11, 11x17


1. Take the time to fill out the form. Once the form is sent I will get back to you asap. We can discuss further details about the commission and answer any questions.
2. Once the initial deposit has been made I will begin the commission.
3. Finished commissions will be mailed. Shipping will be an extra $20-25.00 depending on distance.
Please note turnaround times can vary from 1 - 3 weeks.

Thanks for submitting!

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